noun: testimonital; plural noun: testimonitals

1. a formal statement testifying to and endorsing Nita’s unrivaled character and commitment to excellence.
Ok… we know it’s not a real word, but it should be!!!

People who run Nita systems tells us that they feel our labelers are the best pieces of equipment on their production lines. Get that? Not just the best labelers, but the best machines in general! What we are most proud of though is if you ask them how they feel about us as people and about the way we support our products.  We do not have unhappy customers. THAT is what allows us to sleep at night. We feel we help our clients get some decent sleeps as well.

What they have to say:

“We recently took delivery of our second Nita labeling system. This time we purchased a Joust top and bottom 4 head, zero downtime label machine for a high speed automation project that required a superior level of speed and accuracy. The machine works beyond our expectations and has been such a success, that it is now used for all labeling applications on our automated line. Commissioning was simple and easy and the operators love it. In our 25 year experience in the bakery industry, Nita is by far superior to all other labelers.”

– Dwayne Parker, Director of Operations, Apple Valley Foods

“Give and Go Prepared Foods uses Nita Smart Labeling Systems on all of its new production lines, because of their flexibility, reliability and simplicity of use. When we have needed customized solutions, Nita has been very responsive and attentive to our requirements.  We will continue to specify Nita Smart Labeling Systems as our standard for the foreseeable future.”

– Jerry Dover, P.Eng., Director of Engineering, Give & Go Prepared Foods Corp.

“I chose the Nita label applicator because it uses stainless steel and aluminum more than any other machine on the market. It has worked tirelessly for us with great accuracy. The touch screen makes operation quick and easy.”

– Michael Heath, President, BoraBora Fruit Juices

“Nita’s labeler is easy to changeover, reliable and efficient. Nita has always been responsive on technical/after sales support.”

– Sam Low, Director of Engineering, Van Diest Supply Company


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