Nita was founded by two innovators who saw a need to make better labeling machines and to create a better labeling machine company.

After designing new machines from the ground up, with full servo technology (a first) and easier-to-use systems, they realized that to be the best labeling machine company in the world, they not only needed better machines, they needed to hire the best people.

That’s why you’ll find that Nita employees are extraordinarily focused on meeting your exact needs. They think like entrepreneurs (every Nita employee shares in our profits!) and care about your uptime, your productivity, your entire experience — and mostly, your bottom line.

Your Labeling Machine Team

Behind the most innovative labeling machine company in the world is an incredibly dedicated team. Aside from our passion for great technology and superior labeling machines, we are most proud of who we are as people. Because at the end of the day it is all about human beings being human and working together to make amazing machines. Want to know more about us? Read these short descriptions below.

Normand Lord
President and Owner

Normand has an unmatched passion for labeling machines (and expensive wine but that’s not relevant here. Unless you have some for him to try). Normand does every job at Nita because he loves his company and his products. He’s also the reason why every employee feels that same passion — it starts at the top. To Norm, the labeling machine you buy is like one of his children so you had better make sure to take care of your Nita…or else!

Tel.: 450.961.4000 | Ext 228

Ken Hubscher
VP Sales and Marketing and Owner

Your “Point Man” on getting all the info you need about Nita machines.  Ken’s passion for making sure his clients get the absolute perfect solution is unrivaled. Have a problem or a question? Ken is always available to talk and to help. His commitment to telling a dramatic yet relevant story about the “Greatness of Nita” will ensure you are both entertained and well informed all at once.  Have a question about Nita products?  Call Ken directly. Do it now.

Tel.: 450.961.4000  |  Ext 233
Mobile: 514-984-8741
Toll Free: 1-855-668-NITA (6482)

Luc Harvey
Chief Engineer and Owner

Superior engineering is what made Nita the leading innovator in label machines. Luc is the genius who makes it happen. With an uncanny eye for integrating efficiency into everything he does, Luc engineers and programs all of the magic that makes your Nita the easiest labeler ever!

Tel.: 450.961.4000 | Ext 222

Kirk Mihelakis
Technical Support & Part Specialist

If you need a high quality part or some technical help with your amazing Nita machine Kirk is your man. Some say he has the whole Nita parts inventory memorized by heart. This may be true…just don’t ask him what he had for dinner last night. His brain is entirely devoted to serving our customers.

Tel.: 450.961.4000  |  Ext 243
Mobile: 514.591.2199
partsorder@nita.ca or kirkm@nita.ca

John McKey
Director of Customer Care

John is your personal services concierge at Nita. John is fully and completely dedicated to paying attention to all the small details associated to making your Nita experience as happy, care-free and smooth as is humanly possible. You can’t teach people to be as friendly and personable as John. It’s something few people are born with. Everybody – I mean everybody – loves John. No joke. You will too.

Tel.: 450.961.4000  |  Ext 230


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