Labeling Machine: AE-612MKII

Just about the only place it won’t apply a label is Inside your container! The AE-612MKII wipe-on labeler is a high-end, servo-driven labeling head, ideal for top, side or bottom applications of pressure sensitive labels. Mounted on a sturdy stainless steel floor stand with levelling pads and casters, these stand-alone labelers are easily adaptable to any shop configuration.

With the addition of an optional encoder, the AE-612MKII will be fully synchronized to your existing conveyor belt system. Optional lateral, tilt and pivot attachments make the AE-612MKII the most versatile and effective stand-alone labeling head on the market.

Labeler Type & Specifications

Wipe-on stand-alone labeler for labeling anywhere

Machine Type: Wipe-on, stand-alone labeler
Labeling Applications: Applies a single label anywhere
Container Types: Labels glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, most other surfaces


The Nita Wipe-on Stand-alone labeler is built to label almost any object

Other Labeling Machine Advantages:

  • 100% Non-Proprietary Electronics
  • Recipe System with Calibrated Adjustment Stations
  • Servo Motors and Programmable Drives
  • Software Managed with Remote Login Troubleshooting
  • Precision Labeling to 1/32”
  • Blistering 1570” Per Minute Application Speed
  • Labeler has All Stainless Steel Parts
  • Vision Camera and Checker systems for Pinpoint Orientation
  • Variable Information Coding Options
  • Print Engine, Scanner and Reject Station Integration Options
  • 16” OD Rolls with 3” Cores
  • Wide Web widths up to 12” (Standard 6”)
  • IP65 Full Machine Wash Down Kits

See what the AE-612MKII wipe-on labeler can do!

Top Label Application on Boxes with Stand Alone Labeler.

Stand Alone Labeler Applies Top Wipe-on Labels on Boxes.

Ready to ship! Watch this full servo stand alone labeler apply wipe-on labels quickly to these boxes.

Not the application you wanted?
Other machine options in the Stand Alone Series

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