Automatic Labeling Machine Innovation

What You Want from a Labeling Machine… and a Labeling Machine Manufacturer

We understand what you want in a labeling machine. It’s fairly straightforward. It should be easy to operate, reliable and oh-so simple to maintain. And all you ask for is support that is there when you need it.

And this is what Nita is ALL ABOUT!

Our Mantra

Accountability. Integrity. Honor. Humility. Results. These are things that motivate and drive each and every Nita employee to simply build the best labeling systems. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

A History: Making The Best Automatic Labeling Machine You Can Purchase

Nita’s story began in 2002 when Mr. Normand Lord purchased a decade-old printing plate machinery company (also called Nita) which he proceeded to grow. After a short while he saw opportunity and bought a small labeling machine company from Mr. Luc Harvey (who is currently the chief engineer and one of Nita’s owners).

Together they identified some serious deficiencies in existing automatic label machines that they knew they could solve. They set out to build a better label applicator machine by defining a new standard in the industry for technological advancement and operational simplicity.

It’s Not Just A Labeling Machine, It’s A Nita

In the eyes of Normand and Luc, labeling machines (then and still now!) had a lot of weaknesses. They were using old technology like stepper motors, proprietary software in PLC’s and micro-processor boards which made for unnecessarily hard to operate and maintain machines. Luc and Normand understood that to become the best labeling machine manufacturer in the industry, they needed to fix these problems and produce a better labeling system.

Investing heavily in R&D, Normand and Luc developed what was the foundation for the modern Nita label applicator system. Built with only the newest technology like 100% non-proprietary software managed programmable drives and motors, these new label machines were designed to optimize production uptime.  Full speed synchronization, intuitive changeover replication systems and easy-to-get all off-the-shelf components would all be critical to making owning and operating the labeling machine as simple as could be.

The Newest Kid On The Labeling Machine Block

Nita was the newest major labeling machine manufacturer in the industry however it quickly became recognized around the world for its robust, easy to operate machines.

Today, Nita is the fastest growing domestically built labeling application machine manufacturer in North America.  The doors to our newly doubled-in-size facility are always open for you to come see what we mean.

Love At First Sight

Why do people love their Nita Labeling Machines? Because our machines are designed to solve the problems others have ignored. We are the leading innovators in the industry. Nita created the first domestically-built full synchronized servo labeling machines.

Veteran competitors have taken notice and are now playing catch-up.  With imitation being the highest form of flattery, we are incredibly flattered to see others trying desperately to be (and even LOOK) like a Nita.  Our continuous innovations will certainly keep them trying!

Better (No…BEST) Support

If you’re going to build a better machine, you need to stand by it.

That’s why Nita’s free lifetime NitaCare remote support is part of our unwavering commitment to the best customer service in the label machine business.

See for yourself why Nita’s are the easiest to use, most reliable, versatile and smooth-running labelers in the world.


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