Automatic Label Applicator Machine Videos by Container Style

Welcome to our suite of powerful automatic label applicator machine demonstration videos. We’ve selected some of the best examples so you can see Nita label applicator machines in action.  Make sure to browse our YouTube Channel for the entire library of Nita’s demonstration videos. Nothing is as easy to operate, change-over or  to maintain as a Nita Sentient Labeling System. For instance, see how Nita label machines label round bottles, square jugs, and rectangular containers. Or watch Nita label tapered tubs and pails, flat bags, clamshells of all sizes. Nita can label almost any type of container from  plastic, glass, or metal to almost anything else. Whatever type of container you have, it can be labeled by a Nita label applicator machine.

Labeling Round Bottles and Jars

Round bottles come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Nita’s wrap labeling machines can be customized to handle them all at high speed with orientation and variable printing options.

Full Wrap Application on Round Glass Jars

Front & Back Applications on Round Glass Bottles and Oval Plastic Flasks with Cognex Vision Camera Orientation

Top, Front & Back Application on Round Tapered Cheese Containers with Zero Down Time

Labeling F-Styles, Triggers, Oil Bottles And Other 4-Sided Containers

Labeling your square and rectangular containers is a breeze with a Nita. Front/Back, TriPanel and 4-Panel applications are seamless when Nita has your container under total servo control. Not only are the most versatile labelers, you can add a wrap station for fully mutli-functional application possibilities.

Front Back and Wrap Application On Various Cosmetic Bottles

3-Panel and Wrap Application On Various BBQ Sauce Bottles

Front & Back Booklet Labels Application on Flat Sided Plastic F-Style Chemical Jugs

Labeling Clamshells and Other Plastic Containers

Labeling clamshells and other oddly shaped food containers is a breeze with a Nita label applicator machine. This label applicator machine has top, bottom, C-shape and full 360 degree banding options!

Dual Lane Top & Front C-Shape Applications on Clamshells with Zero Down Time

C-Shape Application On Clamshell Containers With Zero Down Time

Full Banding Tamper Label On Sushi Trays

Pails and Bucket Label Applicator Machine in Action

Watch how Nita labeling machines label large and small plastic pails and buckets, as well as other large round containers.

Front Application on Round Plastic Pails and Square Plastic Buckets with Cognex Vision Camera Orientation

Front & Back Applications On Round Metal Drums With Sensor Orientation

3-Panel and Front Applications on Plastic F-Style Jugs and Round Plastic Pails

Label Machines for Flat Objects, Cartons and Abstract Shapes

What do you need labeled? See how bags, boxes and other odd-shaped containers are efficiently labeled by Nita’s industry leading labeling machines.

Horizontal Wrap Labeling On Irregular Round Products with Cleated Conveyor

Top Applications on Bread Bags with Zero Down Time

Top Label Applications on IVs and Flat Bags


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