Nita 4.0 – The future of CONNECTED labeling is now!

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It’s a connected world. The Nita 4.0 Sentient Labeling System uses that connectivity to amplify your productivity.
It all starts with a powerful Panel PC HMI running on a Windows 10 IoT Enterprise software. These WiFi enabled tablet computer screens are the control center for the all-servo, 100% speed synchronized and most technologically advanced labelers on the planet.
The super-intuitive tiled dashboard keeps you connected to your machine and all of its performance metrics.
Your Preventative Maintenance task list will advise you what daily cleaning and tuning is required to keep your Nita humming.
Your specific 3D drawings live in the Purchasing tile where at the click of one button you can order your parts directly from your machine.
Your OEE data is waiting to be retrieved from the SCADA platform for you to see how efficient your line and operators are.
And best of all, your NitaCare team is standing by to log in to your Nita to help diagnose any issues at the touch of a button in the NitaCare service tile…all at no charge.
In the era IoT 4.0 connectivity, only a Nita Sentient Labeling System will keep you on the top of the productivity game.
Contact us today for a full 4.0 demo and discussion on how Nita can bring your labeling to the next level of increased productivity.

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