SELF-DIAGNOSING labeling system. The doctor is in the screen.

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The only thing better than a labeler that never breaks down is a labeler whose self-monitoring and self-diagnosing system helps prevent the labeling machine from breaking down.
On a Nita Sentient labeler we do just that. In fact that’s where the SENTIENT came from in Nita Sentient Labeling Systems
Everything on the all-servo, 100% speed synchronized Nita system is being monitored. When there is an issue an ALARM feature will advise that something is wrong.
On the diagnostics tile found on the panel pc hmi running on a windows 10 IoT enterprise software platform, the operator will be guided through a series of alerts and video flowcharts designed to try to remedy the situation on the spot. Issues range from measuring loads on all the servo motors to counting cycles and label displacement on the drive rollers to advising if someone may have put gum on the product sensor … again!

The Nita 4.0 Pro-Active Self-Diagnosing system means you are alerted to possible performance-reducing problems BEFORE they happen. We may be a little crazy, but we believe that preventing downtime typically leads to better uptime. And who doesn’t want that?

Contact us today for a full 4.0 demo and discussion on how Nita can bring your labeling to the next level of increased productivity.

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