No Time For Downtime. Ultra-Fast Changeover Magic by Nita.

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Like every function on the powerful Nita Labeling system, we start on the tiled dashboard of the Panel PC HMI running Windows 10 IoT Enterprise software.  When you click on the recipes tile you get to choose any saved recipe in the Nita by picture, descriptor or even by scanning a barcode on the product. Once you have loaded the recipe, every electronic setting in the all-servo, 100% speed synchronized Nita goes back to exactly the way it was the last time you ran the recipe. This includes all speeds, ratios, flags etc… Mechanically speaking all the operator needs to do now is follow the color-coded recipe guide in the screen. Looking at the actual 3D drawing of their specific machine, the operator simply matches up the color, letter and values in the screen to the same color and letter on the actual labeling machine.

Everything on a Nita has a support video that also shows the operator how to accomplish the task. As the operator follows the color-by-color guide, they will quickly make their way around the machine replicating every value from the last time they ran that product. Within minutes, both the front side and back side mechanical adjustments will be done.

The all-servo labeler is now ready to run with the new container. For small tweaks, the fully synchronized Nita offers on-the-fly micro-adjustment features that easily allow the operator to fine-tune things like label position. Once any minor adjustments are done the operator simply hits GO and everything will run at full production speed – no further adjustments necessary! The Nita Ultra-Fast Total Replication Changeover system could not be easier to use.

Contact us at or 1-855-668-NITA(6482) to schedule a full demo of our incredible Nita 4.0 operating system

For a full changeover demo, watch this:

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