Order Parts Directly From Your Labeler. Yep. Mic Drop.

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One of the coolest features on your powerful Nita 4.0 panel pc hmi running windows 10 IoT enterprise software is the built-in Parts Purchasing department.
When you need a part on your Nita Sentient labeler you click on the Purchase tile. This will open up a 3D map of your exact machine. This is not a generic parts catalogue. These are your specific machine parts. You simply drill down to the exact section of the machine you are working on and choose the exact parts that you need to order.
As you click on the parts you need, the part numbers will populate the shopping cart on your screen. At the push of 1 button, Your internet connected, wifi enabled panel pc hmi will now allow you to order those parts directly from the machine or even simply just email the report to a designated recipient or print up the report of parts needed on a network printer.
By eliminating frustrating and time consuming printed generic parts catalogues the Nita in-screen parts purchasing functionality helps prevent costly errors in ordering incorrect parts.

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