The labeler with the built-in technician. For Free. Forever.The NitaCare program

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At Nita we are totally committed to making sure you are always running. Building the world’s most technologically advanced all-servo, 100% speed synchronized labelers with only the highest quality parts all sitting on an ultra rugged 100% stainless steel SumoFrame is just part of how we will bring you the best labeling productivity you have ever experienced.
Our dedication to the happiness and uptime of our clients is found in the amazing NitaCare technical support program.
On Our Nita 4.0 wifi enabled panel pc HMI running Windows 10 Enterprise software you will find the NitaCare help tile on the operator dashboard. Clicking on the tile will present a few options. The first simple action is to call us. the telephone number is easy to find! Often we will need to get eyes on the situation so we offer the NitaCare APP which allows you to connect directly with a Nita technician on a video call via a mobile phone. If the Nita technician needs to dig deeper into the problem they can also easily connect and login directly to the Nita machine at the touch of one button via teamviewer built right into the panel pc hmi. This allows us to diagnose any settings issues and resolve the problem quickly.
The NitaCare service is provided at no charge for the life of your machine. Our goal is uptime. You need to be running. That is the sole objective of the NitaCare program.

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