At Nita we design, engineer and assemble the most technologically advanced labelers on the planet.

All of this is done right here in beautiful Montreal, Canada.

This series called Things You Nita Know is designed to give you a brief glimpse into the amazing world of a Nita Sentient Labeling System!

Order Parts Directly From Your Labeler. Yep. Mic Drop.

One of the coolest features on your powerful Nita 4.0 panel pc hmi running windows 10 IoT enterprise software is the built-in Parts Purchasing department. When you need a part on your Nita Sentient labeler you click on the Purchase tile. This will open up a 3D map of your exact machine. This is not […]

The labeler with the built-in technician. For Free. Forever.The NitaCare program

At Nita we are totally committed to making sure you are always running. Building the world’s most technologically advanced all-servo, 100% speed synchronized labelers with only the highest quality parts all sitting on an ultra rugged 100% stainless steel SumoFrame is just part of how we will bring you the best labeling productivity you have […]

SELF-DIAGNOSING labeling system. The doctor is in the screen.

The only thing better than a labeler that never breaks down is a labeler whose self-monitoring and self-diagnosing system helps prevent the labeling machine from breaking down. On a Nita Sentient labeler we do just that. In fact that’s where the SENTIENT came from in Nita Sentient Labeling Systems Everything on the all-servo, 100% speed […]

No Time For Downtime. Ultra-Fast Changeover Magic by Nita.

Like every function on the powerful Nita Labeling system, we start on the tiled dashboard of the Panel PC HMI running Windows 10 IoT Enterprise software.  When you click on the recipes tile you get to choose any saved recipe in the Nita by picture, descriptor or even by scanning a barcode on the product. […]

Nita 4.0 – The future of CONNECTED labeling is now!

It’s a connected world. The Nita 4.0 Sentient Labeling System uses that connectivity to amplify your productivity. It all starts with a powerful Panel PC HMI running on a Windows 10 IoT Enterprise software. These WiFi enabled tablet computer screens are the control center for the all-servo, 100% speed synchronized and most technologically advanced labelers […]


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